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BUFF Payment Systems

You can either be a game developer/publisher or have a shopping website, you should note that the integration of the payment systems takes too much time and there are lots of legal procedures.

BUFF Payment Systems will allow you to save time and provide various options for your clients. Your users will spend less time to complete the actions in a secure way. 

  • Various payment methods from all over the world
  • Remembers your orders with its smart system.
  • Direct game cash purchase option (Specification can be divided as game/ shop)
  • Easiness in payments of the mobile games thanks to its responsiveness


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BUFF Login

BUFF login ends the several membership steps and the information confirmation& subscription steps. With a single membership, BUFF Login enables reaching all accounts integrated to BUFF without additional information. Moreover, it allows the users that take membership for game companies to enter directly without more procedures when they arrive at the launcher.

User Friendly

Fast and Easy Membership  

Direct membership with social media accounts

With the BUFF login button inserted in the game launcher, the membership process will be minimized:

If a user comes from ad websites or your website and can directly download your game and the membership information of the user is not available after the game is installed and opened, they will enter into a subscription process. This process can be problematic for the user and you can lose the prospective users after a while.

Website > Game Install > User Information > Website> Sign in > Membership confirmation (Confirmation of the membership with the link that comes to your e-mail.) > Game Log in Page > Log in

Website > Game Install > Game Start (BUFF Login) > BUFF Membership Check (if you have a membership and have already logged in, you can directly log in the game) > Log in

A user that comes to your system can directly log in without these steps via social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Steam, Linkedin. Thanks to this, you provide the opportunity to create a membership without extra information to your users.

The users can share content related to the games and you can socialize the competition between the users via creating Facebook and Steam rankings.

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BUFF Support System and Services

Providing an opportunity of easy use, BUFF Support System enables the users to send their problems/questions quickly on PC or mobile. When their problems are solved quickly, the users’ connection to the product/brand and usage continuity increases.

If a user cannot send his or her message to you quickly or directly and cannot have a reply from you, this will create a negative effect on the user. Since the system has the multi-language option, you can reach more users in different regions and solve their problems while more users can reach your system.

You may not have a support system and a team that will manage it. BUFF provides these, too. You can take the product with Product Support System and Support Services. Thanks to this, you can provide the best solutions for your users even though you do not have a support team.

BUFF Forum System

An important meeting place in the game world, Forum cannot be customized all the time in terms of content, management models etc. You may be restricted in the specifications you want to make for your product/game and this limits the users’ activities in the forum.

BUFF provides a new forum system that can be customized according to products/games so that the users can have a better experience.

With message system, badge system, different management systems etc., you can be sure that the users will have more fun.

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