What is BUFF?

The definition of BUFF is not too difficult. If you are in the game world as a player, game developer or publisher, BUFF is something that all of us know. We can define BUFF as all the magic you can use to empower your character(s) in different aspects.

Now, BUFF is a new door coming out of the games and opening to the game world. This door provides the opportunity to reach larger audiences if you are a global publisher or plan to be one. If you are looking for a new payment channel, BUFF enables you to access to all payment channels. The meeting point of the players looking for different games, BUFF brings you together with your target audience and creates the connection with them.

If you are an ordinary player and you don’t know what to play, you can take advantage of services such as faster download, accessing a wide variety of genres, game suggestions by telling what kind of game you want.

Let’s assume you are a professional player and you want to follow the gaming world. But, as we all know, your demand is not an ordinary game. At this point, BUFF offers you what you want. Countless mobile, PC and browser-based titles from hundreds of developers are at your service with BUFF.

BUFF is a system which gives you the power, skill and speed you need in the gaming world. You don’t need anything but BUFF to download a game in the BUFF catalog. Just pick the game and start downloading.

It is valuable for us to provide the most accurate and fastest communication between the gamer and the game.  Now, click and take part in this privileged world.


I am a developer and I want my game BUFFed.